• Attendence System

Why Android App Bit Easy Attendance


Android phones are very handy.


Android phones are less costly and easily available.

Support Multiple Features

Android phones support multiple features like touch screen, QR and Barcode reading, local storage, safe & secure, push notification and many more..

Thus, we Bit Marvels LLP developed this App named Bit Easy Attendance. Attendance will prove to be a very useful tool for any organization.

Information from Our tool will help you to know current staffing levels within your organization. Conventional attendance registers are redundant in a connected world with mobile and sophisticated technical devices.


  • Unlimited number of users can be registered

  • QR enabled to keep details secure

  • Complete Control to the Admin or HR

  • No back dated entries to the users

  • GPS to track the employees

  • Separate entries for Government holidays, sick leaves, LWP-Leave without pay, Leave without payment deduction.

  • Accurate calculation of Salaries

  • On Payroll, Daily Basis, Hourly basis, contractual basis all type of wages calculation.

  • Proper reporting

  • And many more...