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About News Portal ....

NEWS in any format whether Text, Audio, Video

01. News Web Portal

Web application of latest news.Web application used in computer for reading latest news in all category.

02. Android Application

Todays world is fatsre.No one have enough time to read news paper.Now user can read news on mobile,tabs by using android application.We made android application for news portal.Which is widly used in now days


There are Lots of events happening in Railways, Aviation, Roadways, Shipping. And most of these events effect our life directly and indirectly.

04.Job news Portal

Government Realted job news posting.Govrnment realted job posting are done through this application.All vcategories government job posted through this application.

News portal

NEWS, Popularly known as North, East, West & South generally aware us about everything what is happening and has a direct or indirect & minor and major impact on us.

Sometimes it reaches us with a lightning speed as Breaking News and rest of the time it comes as per the people’s demand and availability of the details. If fresh or new news remain in demand and if old it generally appears as references for future use.

It means that NEWS in any format whether Text, Audio, Video or any other mode never becomes Obsolete. If it can never become obsolete and are in such huge numbers then it must be organised in such a way that whenever required it could easily be found out.

Congratulation, that you have found us because we deal in these type of applications. Very easy for the media person but very handy for readers or viewers. The web, mobile or tab versions are really mindblowing. We maintain the balance between posting of news, its presentation on the internet or other mode and users to receive, read and save it for future use.

One more important aspect of these applications are the ease with which these could be shared by the users. It helps in making the news popular and expand the reach of the news.

Another crucial feature that is required is advertisement part. Advertisement is the major source of earning for any media channel and this may not be ignored.

We do not only promise but we have an awesome and proud history of delivering it as well.

News Portal core feautures


Read News in any language.


User read news in category like sports,politics,world etc.

Share News

User can Share news in social media.

News Notification

New news notifiaction on mobile .

News Video

Directly Play video of news in application.

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