Idea : behind Trader’s Delight App (TDA)

The soul of this App is to Provide maximum Control of the business to the Top Level or the Bosses with a proper helping hand to people at all levels. All the top level need reports and daily updates for their business. Unfortunately, those updates are also provided by the Lower level staffs. So, in most of the cases those reports are either prepared with errors or not up-to-date. Because of this there is heave loss of money and time for the business as a whole. Some time we purchase what is already in the stock, some time we sale what is not in the stock and many more such mistakes.

What is the Solution then ?

The solution came with the Idea of preparing such an App which goes LIVE. All the actions to be noted right on the spot by the employee only but with a check on their actions. Meaning, the application TDA will keep an eye on all the actions taken at all the level and also warns the user if anything is going off the track. By this immediate corrective measures may be taken. The employees will make lesser mistake and all types of reports may be prepared on immediate basis. It will help upper level people in taking quick actions.

1.Stock Management in itself has multiple dimensions. The Clearance of Stock depends upon three methods.

(a) LIFO - Last In First Out.
(b) FIFO - First In First Out and
(c) General Method
Our application can manage all the methods. But as per our Client’s requirement we have opted for General Method. In this method Client can sell any product available in the stock irrespective of the batch number / Lot number, Purchase date etc. Everything Depends on the Order, Location. weight of the material, ease of movement etc. For Example - Our Client has multiple Godowns and a Single product weight may go up to 600 kgs. If there are multiple products of the same weight lying on each other then it becomes difficult for the godown keeper to pull out the product lying under such heavy weights. So, in that case he calls the client and asks him if he may receive the product lying on the top and having a weight of say 530 kgs, or 588 kgs etc, even though the Client has previously placed an order of 550 kgs product. In 90% cases Client agrees to that.
By the above details we can easily understand that the Godown keeper has the final right to edit the Order after putting a footnote for the same. Our App takes care of the date and time for the same, so that if required it may be used for any future references. Here it is also worth mention that generally the transport for the delivery of the product is managed by the Godown keeper only thus Trader’s Delight App (TDA) gives him complete independence for the same.
For the purchase of stock material we must have detailed information like availability, saleability, demands, ease of supply by the suppliers etc. All these help us in reaching to the number or value of order to be placed. Our app (TDA) takes care of all those aspects. And when an application does all these role for you with minimum error then the stock management becomes a child’s play.

2. Sales is the backbone of all the profit making organisation. Sales is not only a word but it is making a balance between Demand and Supply keeping minimum investment stagnant. Rotation of money is always what a businessman is looking for. And to make all these happen at an optimum level the role of our app (TDA) is of utmost importance. It helps you to decide your high selling products, season of rise and fall in your sale, high selling agents, high selling clients and many other related aspects.
As I mentioned that sale is the backbone for any organisation thus even a single ignorance can be deadly. Our app (TDA) provides you with information which can really change the way you are doing business till date.

Effect on Operational Cost of the business.

For a Big Business Enterprise:
● An up-to-date stock will help the Admin to purchase exact required materials or manufacturing unit to produce the exact required material thus can save in lakhs. Any future requirement can also be met. This will in itself help in keeping lessar raw materials or lesser purchased goods. So, saving may vary from company to company.
● Analysing the past sale records one can easy understand the increase or decrease in sale season wise. E.g. there is a drop in overall Paper consumption during the rainy season. So, the paper manufacturers drop there per day production during that time. Understanding such situation the production or purchase may be decreased or increased and lots of money could be saved from being
● For payment Management this app is like blessings. It reminds about the due date of payments. Also stops taking orders of the client if the client crosses a certain limit of overdue amount. Generally during the course of business we may not keep an eye on each client individually. Thus there are chances that the salesmen may give more credits to the unreliable clients as well. Through our app (TDA) The admin can control the maximum overdue amount and maximum overdue date according to each client's capacity. We may see this type of features in the mobile phone bills. Due to this heavy damages can be stopped. No one can count the exact amount saved due to this but it may be in lakhs.
● Management of Staff becomes very easy because there is a definite pattern of work flow. All the steps are noted so there is an automatic detection of the person who is not performing his duty. Thus a proper action may be taken. Secondly the GPS tracking of the sales agents will give the complete and reliable trace of them. And we know what may happen if the sales agents are performing their tasks properly. Lots of sale means lots of money making.
For a Small Business houses
● For small Business houses where most of the works are done by few number of people this app (TDA) acts like a Genie. It will take care of all the activities by passing simple entries. No repetition of entries at any stage. By embedding auto emailers, auto SMS sending lots of work can be done on automatic basis. This way the owners may focus only on the real work and not of much clerical jobs.

This App gives us Super Admins : This App gives the Admin a right to Create Multiple SubAdmins as per their work requirements. These SubAdmins will be provided with Unique User Ids and Passwords with the Role they have to play in the Organisation. Believing that super Admins to be the Bosses of the company the application provides variety of reports to be generated to seek the overall health of the company. On the request of the Super Admins some features may be added and some may be removed.
SubAdmins : SubAdmins can perform those tasks which are assigned to them. Like: Few may keep stock, Few may sale products, few may see the Purchases etc. SubAdmins will be employees who will do the real time duties. Each SubAdmins will have an access from one mobile at a time with the User ID and Password created by the SuperAdmins. They will have the access of only those part of Data for which the permission have been granted by the SuperAdmin.
Complete Overview : Admins may see various Reports to analyse the overall growth of the business.
Purchase Rate Calculator : This App automatically calculate the final Purchase Rate after simplifying “Actual value of the Product + Taxes + Transport + Labour + Other Expenses”. This sounds quite simple but has a complex calculations which are put together in a right manner.
Sale Rate Calculator : This App automatically calculate the Sale Rate after simplifying “Actual value of the Product + Taxes + Transport + Labour + Other Expenses”.
Note: The Admin may put the minimum sales rate for his agents. If Agent wants to sale below this rate then he must punch the Dynamic Pin of the Admin or the authorised person.
Agent Locator : This App also help Admins to locate his Agents.
Multiple Warehouse Support : This App helps the Admin to manage stores in various cities and the warehouses associated with it.
Stockist/warehouse keeper: This App provided rights to edit the order for short supplies or any other further modification in the order.
Reports : Partywise, Agentwise, Productwise, Orderwise, Paymentwise etc.
SMS & Emails : This App also provides instant sms and emails for all vital Information to the concerned person.

Any Business runs on four Important Pillars

● Stock Management

● Sales

● Payment Management

● Staff Management

3. Payments is like blood running through whole body or organisation. All the resources will stop functioning if there is a problem in its proper circulation. If there is a problem in any part of body you may fight with the help of this but if there is a problem in this then only God knows where you will land up. And the danger for the same rises if your business runs on credit.
For businesses which run on Credit where the due date for payment is important, this App (TDA) provides proper reminder for the same. It also gives the number of days that has crossed after the due date. If Super Admin wants then he may put a limit to number of days or maximum amount credit for each client beyond which all the goods or services will be stopped. Super Admin may ask interest for the late payments. A small precaution in this behalf saves lakhs. Our App (TDA) supports multiple features like that but it is up to the client how much feature he wants to use.
One more thing worth mentioning here is for the company which runs with multiple Sales Agents. If one payment gets a money from a client then Immediately an SMS and a Notification is issued to the Payee, other agents and Account Admin. The whole collection of payments for the payments can be seen and allocation for the same could be decided. As per request of the Client there may be an increase or decrease in the number or people to be notified. There are many more eye opening features attached to the payment management in our App (TDA).

4. Staff Management is of utmost importance if we want to increase the productivity and work performance. Every human has a tendency of being lazy even though it may harm him and the organisation as a whole. Everyone wants to perform duty with minimum efforts. In the process of doing so lots of important work left unperformed. Accountant if not keep proper accounts, salesmen if not keep proper followups, Godown keeper if do not supply material on time then the organisation will soon become a sick organisation. Our App (TDA) helps each employee in performing his duty and reminding him if he forgets doing so.
Our App provides with the GPS track of the sales agents and on the demand of the same by our Client we configure the same. This helps the super admin in assessing the time spent in the market by the sale’s agent. This also helps in sending agents at various location to cover maximum part of the market.
This way we can see and understand the wide range of utility that this application may give to any businessman whether it is an small enterprise or big enterprise. According to the respective needs the features may be minimised or maximised.

Security Feature of this Apps:
One very Important aspect of the Business Application like Trader’s Delight (TDA) is its security concern. We must see that there is no data loss or data theft. If this happens then company may suffer from heavy loss. And the developers must see to all the possible options to secure the application from data loss or theft.
We have made lots of provisions in our app (TDA) regarding that. Whenever there is an option in an application where one takes entries inside the application then we give chances to others to enter the software premises. Unless and until a thorough check up is done about the incoming person or content it should not be allowed to enter. We have taken most care of that.
Secondly, these types of Application should not be allowed to be accessed from anywhere. If it could be accessed from anywhere then people keep experimenting to enter into this application. So, we have made provisions that only a part of the Data will be visible to the operators. Data which are essential for the concerned person will be shown to that person. Accessibility will be allowed for a single device/mobile with the user ID and Password generated by the Super Admin. Super Admin can disallow the access whenever he wants so.
There are also multi level permissions for each users to secure the Data. There are many other related features in this app which will provide the Businessman a confidence in using this application.
By the above you may easily take out the inference how fantastically this app is developed to bring a complete Delight and peace of mind in the eyes of Associated traders and their staffs. That's why it has got its name as Trader's Delight app.
Now let's have a bird's eye view on the structure of the application. We may not explain about all the features of this app but may assure that this app covers most of the requirements of the businessmen and their day to day activities. The best part is that it may be converted to any business format in limited time.
Trader's Delight Apps (TDA) Means a total Business software with some special perks to the top officials. The whole concept depends upon the role of SuperAdmins (Admins) and SubAdmins.

Apps Technical Aspects:
One User One Mobile : This App seeks maximum security for the Owner. Thus for Each User Ids only one associated Mobile has been provided with the rights. Same user Id will not work elsewhere. In case of the lost of Mobile or any other such situations the Admin may disable the previous (lost) Mobile to access company’s information. The same User ID will be reset for other Device.
Very User Friendy : It is the Ease of Use for the Agents which attracts them to use this Application.
ERP : It has almost all the accounting and other features to call it an Enterprise Edition.
Cross Language Integration : This App works in a Cross Language or say Multiple Language platform. Our Developers used good feature of the various languages to run this application in a smarter way.
Data Security : As most of the features are unidirectional i.e. from server to the User thus making the Data more secure. Secondly all the Data are displayed runtime and not stored in the device at any moment of time thus making it less prone to Data theft.