GPS Tracker Server

GPS Tracker Server

GPS Tracker Server is written in Java/PHP and portable between most operating systems and platforms. One of the main project’s missions is to support as many tracking devices as possible. GPS Tracker is an open source.

GPS Tracker Manager

GPS Tracker Manager is a mobile application to manage GPS tracking devices. It’s a fast native alternative to web interface on your mobile device. It uses GPS Tracker server instance as a back-end. Traccar Manager app is available for both Android and iOS mobile platforms.

GPS Tracker not only supports the data collection and storage of GPS Tracking and Telemetry data from remote devices, but also includes the following rich set of features:

  • Web-based authentication Each account can support multiple users, and each user has its own login password and controlled access to sections within their account.

  • GPS tracking device independent Devices from different manufacturers can be tracked simultaneously.

  • With custom coding Other devices can also be integrated as well using the included example "template" device communication server.

  • Customizable web-page decorations: The look and feel of the tracking web site can easily be customized to fit the motif of the specific company.

  • Customizable mapping service:GPS Tracker comes with support for OpenLayers/OpenStreetMap in addition to support for Google Maps. Within the GPS Tracker framework, other mapping service providers can also easily be integrated.

  • Customizable reports: Using an internal XML-based reporting engine, detail and summary reports can be customized to show historical data for a specific vehicle, or for the fleet.

  • Customizable geofenced areas: Custom geofenced areas (geozones) can be set up to provide arrival/departure events on reports. Each geozone can also be named to provide a custom 'address' which is displayed on reports when inside the geozone (for instance "Main Office").

  • Operating system independent: GPS Tracker itself is written entirely in Java, using technologies such as Apache Tomcat for web service deployment, and MySQL for the datastore.

GPS Tracker Client

GPS Tracker Client is an app that allows you to use your mobile device as a GPS tracker. It reports location to your own or hosted server with selected time intervals. GPS Tracker Client is available for both Android and iOS platforms.


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